All Meals come with:
Yeast Rolls
Fresh Green Salad


(Cost Per person)

Prime Rib $20.00
Tender, choice beef slow roasted to perfection

Tri-Tip $14.00
Marinated with our secret family recipe

Roast Beef $10.00
Tender and juicy

Baked Potato (with toppings)
Baked Idaho potatoes with sour cream, cheese, bacon bits and chives

Roasted Garlic Red Potatoes
Baby red potatoes roasted with garlic and parsley

Calico Beans
Our home cooked recipe using 5 kinds of beans in a carne sauce

Ranch Chili Beans
Slow cooked pintos in a meat & chili sauce

Every entrée comes with a choice of two side dishes:

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Chicken $10.00
BBQ’d with our spectacular sauce

Pork Loin $10.00
Cooked to perfection with our own pork rub

Pork Ribs $10.00
One of our most popular, you are not going to believe these.

PROUDLY SERVING Wallowa County and Surrounding Areas